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Adia Tay

Adia Tay is a Singaporean chanteuse who will whisk you away on a cinematic adventure of love and hope. Her songs promise to intertwine with your innermost stories, and after every twist and soft fade, deposit you safely in the tavern of your soul.

She is a Noise Mentorship Alumni, and has played for events such as Shine Fest, Night To Light Festival, Esplanade's Red Dot August, Music @ Empress, and more. She has also played for distinguished entities such as FOX Networks, Drew & Napier, and Lush 99.5FM.

Adia's debut six-track EP "Kintsugi”, which was released in April 2019, is an ode to brokenness and the renewal of the heart, and her raw and honest voice has often likened her to artistes such as Lucy Rose and Florence + The Machine.


Adia Tay

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